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The main objective of the Projects wing is to construct Road Over Bridges (ROB), Road Under Bridges (RUB) in lieu of the existing level crossings. These works are carried out in coordination with the Railways on 50:50 cost sharing under Railway Works Programme. Railway level crossings with more than 1 Lakh TVU (Train Vehicle Unit) are converted into ROBs/ RUBs, with a view to reduce accidents at level crossings, to avoid traffic congestion and to have uninterrupted traffic.

Under State funds, Major River Bridges, Grade Separators, Bypass Roads and Ring Roads are also carried out by this Projects wing.

It functions under the control of a Chief Engineer with four Circles and ten Divisions.

Functions :
  • Road Over Bridges and Under Bridges at Railway level crossings under Railway Works Programme.
  • Major Bridge works with State funds.
  • Formation of Bypasses, Ring Roads and Radial Roads.
  • Formation of Sugarcane Roads with Sugar Cess fund.

Schemes being implemented :

1. Works taken up in Railway Works Programme (RWP) :

  • Under the Railway Works Programme, 81 spillover works were taken in 2016-2017 by all the wings. Out of which, 46 spillover works and 5 new works were taken up by the Projects wing at a cost of Rs. 1566.12 Crore.
  • Since year 2000, 97 ROBs / RUBs have been completed by Projects wing at a cost of Rs.1859.58 Crore till date.
  • During this financial year (2017-18), 3 ROB works have been completed at a cost of Rs. 135.81 Crore till date.
  • Currently 27 ROB/ RUB works are in progress for a value of Rs. 828.88 Crore. 73 ROB/ RUB works are in various stages of pre-construction.
  • In the year 2017-2018, the Government have accorded Administrative Sanction to a tune of Rs.231.61 lakhs to prepare Detailed Project Reports for 9 ROBs / RUBs.

2. Works taken up with State funds :

  • Presently 10 spillover works comprising of 2 ROBs, 6 High Level Bridges, one Ring Road to Erode Town and a Grade Separator in Erode near Government Hospital are in progress for a value of Rs.305.38 Crore. 3 Foot Over Bridges with Escalator at a cost of Rs.30.18 Crore will be commenced during this year.
  • Detailed Project Report for the construction of 7 High Level River Bridges and an Elevated Highway Corridor are being prepared.
  • Preparation of DPR / Land Acquisition for 32 works including 2 ROBs/ RUBs, 8 New Bypasses, 9 River Bridges, 11 Reconstruction of River Bridges and 2 Road works are being taken up during this financial year.


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Last Updated: 24-05-2019
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