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This wing is headed by a Chief Engineer with four Superintending Engineers at Circle level and fourteen Divisional Engineers at District level. Construction of Bridges with loan assistance from National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), Upgradation of Panchayat Union Roads / Panchayat Roads, construction of Road over Bridges, Road under Bridges and land acquisition for By-passes are being carried out by this wing.

The major activities of this wing and schemes being implemented by this wing are detailed below:

Functions :
  • Execution of Bridges with loan assistance from NABARD.
  • Construction of Road Over Bridges / Road under Bridges under Railway Works Programme.
  • Besides that, land acquisitions for forming of Bypasses are being taken up.
  • As a special scheme, the Panchayat Union Roads / Panchayat roads which were under the control of Rural Development & Panchayat Raj Department, have been upgraded to ODR standards from 2017-18 onwards under State Fund.

Schemes being implemented :

NABARD loan Assistance Schemes :
Construction of River Bridges in Government and Panchayat Union Roads :
  • Under this scheme spill over of 217 bridges at a cost of Rs 582.18 Crore has been taken up for execution during 2019-20. Of these bridge works, 19 works are completed, 139 works were in progress and the remaining 59 works are in pre-construction stage.
  • In 2019-20, a total of 19 bridges have been completed incurring an expenditure of Rs 45.54 Crore upto June 2019.
  • For the year 2019-20, an allotment of Rs.299.60 Crore has been made.
Improvements to Rural Roads :
  • Under this scheme, spillover work of 1 bridge at a cost of Rs.7.94 Crore in Panchayat Union Road has been taken up for execution. Work held up due to want of land from Indian Air Force (IAF). After completion of land transfer, work will be taken up for execution.
Construction of Railway Over Bridges/ Railway Under Bridges :
  • 15 Railway Over Bridges / Railway Under Bridges at a cost of Rs.263.35 Crore in lieu of the existing level crossings have been taken up for execution under the Railway Works Programme. Of these, 3 works were completed, 10 works are in progress and the balance 2 works are in pre-construction stage.
Formation of bypasses :
  • Land acquisition for the formation of 13 bypasses with a spill over value of Rs.42.33 Crore in major towns are in progress.
  • For the year 2019-20, an allotment of Rs. 11.32 Crore has been made.
  • Due to heavy vehicular traffic, rapid development of interior parts of villages and more deteriorated condition of the existing Panchayat Union Roads / Panchayat roads, the State Planning Commission recommended that the important Bus plying local body roads to be upgraded and reclassified as Other District Roads (ODR).
  • Considering the recommendation of State Planning Commission, the Hon’ble Minister for Finance and PublicWorks Department announced that “Important bus plying local body roads will be upgraded and reclassified as Other District Roads (ODR) and handed over to the Highways Department for maintenance ” during the Budget speech 2014-15.
  • Based on the above parameter, the Principal Secretary / Commissioner of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department has identified 2596 of Panchayat Union roads / Panchayat roads for a length of 7964 km and handed over in phased manner to Highways Department for upgradation. The Government have sanctioned for upgradation of 458 nos. of important Panchayat Union roads / Panchayat Roads to a total length of 1418.50 km at a cost of Rs 608 Crores for the year 2017-18 and 516 roads to a length of 1538.98 km at a cost of Rs.882.62 Crore for the year 2018-19. Of these totally 445 no of roads to a length of 1391 km has been completed with an expenditure of Rs 164.54 Crore upto June 2019. Balance works are in progress.
  • For the year 2019-20, Rs.1050 Crore has been allotted as Budget Estimate.

NABARD and Rural Roads,
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Last Updated: 10-07-2020
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