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1 Completed 13
2 In progress 8
3 LA work in progress 19
4 DPR work in progress 4
5 Under Government Consideration 1
  Total 45


Sl.No. Name of the bypass Length in Km Stage of work
1 Cheyyar Bypass 3.00 Completed
2 Vandavasi Bypass 2.20 Completed
3 Thuraiyur Bypass 3.60 Completed
4 Dharapuram Phase - I 2.60 Completed
5 Dharapuram Phase - II 1.20 Completed
6 Pattukottai Phase - I 4.20 Completed
7 Ettukudy Bypass 1.55 Completed
8 Ilayankudi Bypass 2.60 Completed
9 Perambalur Phase - I 5.25 Completed
10 Perambalur Phase - II 3.81 Completed
11 Hosur Phase - I 4.85 Completed
12 Hosur Phase - II 4.00 Completed
13 Rasipuram Phase - I Part - I 6.00 Completed
14 Forming ByPass road Thanjavur Town (Phase - II, Part - I) 9.00 Works in Progress
15 Forming ByPass Road Thanjavur Town (Phase - II, Part - II) 5.27 Works in Progress
16 Formation of ByPass to Pattukottai town Phase - II 3.20 Works in Progress
17 Formation of Edapadi ByPass 8.78 Works in Progress
18 Pollachi Eastern Bypass 15.40 Works in Progress
19 Tiruttani Bypass 3.24 Works in Progress
20 Tharamangalam 3.11 LA / Works in Progress
21 Rasipuram Bypass Phase - I, Part - II 5.04 LA / Works in Progress
22 Periyapalayam Bypass 2.00 LA in Progress
23 Uthiramerur Bypass 4.09 LA in Progress
24 Walajabad Bypass 5.80 LA in Progress
25 Vellore Ring Road Phase - I 10.000 LA in Progress
26 Formation of bye pass to Manachanallur 2.40 LA in Progress
27 Forming Circular and Semi-Circular Ring Road to Pudukkottai Town 22.65 LA in progress
28 Illuppur Bye - Pass 5.4 LA in progress
29 Thiruthuraipoondi 2.46 LA in progress
30 Formation of Bypass to Tiruvarur town 9.98 LA in progress
31 Formation of Ring Road to Mannargudi town 23.48 LA in progress
32 Forming Bye pass to Valangaiman Town 5.40 LA in progress
33 Kumbakonam Bypass Phase - III 9.42 LA in progress
34 Karur Ring Road Phase - II 32.96 LA in progress
35 Mettupalayam Bypass 7.25 LA in progress
36 Western Bypass (Western Ring Road) 32.43 LA in progress
37 Formation of Sivagangai Bypass road 10.60 LA in progress
38 Formation of Bypass road to Parthibanur town 3.60 LA in progress
39 Forming bypass road to Kamuthi town 6.40 LA in progress
40 Sivakasi Ring road 33.481 LA in progress
41 Tiruvallur Bypass 6.55 DPR Stage EPC-NH wing
42 Dindigul Bypass 17.00 DPR Stage
43 Thirukattupalli Bypass Phase - III 3.20 Under Government Consideration

Road Safety Works

A comprehensive proposal to improve the black spots in the Government roads has been prepared at an estimated cost of Rs.1130.00 Crore.

The Government has sanctioned Rs. 300 crore for road safety works under road safety fund and Rs. 250 Crores was taken up under Comprehensive road Infrastructure Development Programme from 2014-15 onwards. Thus, road safety works to a tune of Rs. 1059.94 Crores were taken up as detailed below.

Sl No Year Details of Fund allocation (Rs in Crores)
    CRIDP Road Safety Fund under Highways Head Total
1. 2014 - 2015 250.00 200.00 450.00
2. 2015 - 2016 206.87 100.00 306.87
3. 2016 - 2017 203.07   203.07
4. 2017 - 2018   100.00 100.00
  Total     1059.94

As per the guidelines of the Supreme Court of India, a study was made to identify block spots where more than 5 fatal accidents took place in last 3 years. Totally 169 black spots have been identified and 73 black spots improved at a cost of Rs. 31.58 Crores under CRIDP 2016-17. The remaining identified works will be taken up in the year 2017-18 on priority basis.

Road & Bridge Maintenance Works

An allocation of Rs. 859.27 Crore has been made for maintenance of roads and bridges and renewal of 2862 km length of roads completed in the year 2016 - 2017.


Major Works announced by the Hon’ble Chief Minister & being implemented.

1. Improvements and rebuilding to Periyakulam-Kodaikanal (via) Adukkam road (Km.0/0-35/9) at a cost of Rs.69.50 Crore in Dindigul and Theni districts.

2. In Theni district Rebuilding and widening from single lane to Intermediate lane of Chinnamanur – Iravangalar road via Megamalai (km.0/0 – 35/0) to a tune of Rs.80.67 Crore.

3. Development of 14 km GirivalamPathai roads in Tiruvannamalai by widening the footpath, lighting and providing rest room facilities under progress for an amount of Rs.65 Crore.

4. Construction of two tier flyover at Five Roads Junction including construction of flyover up to Ramakrishna road junction and four road junction in Salem city at a cost of Rs.320 Crore.

5. Construction of combined flyover at Kuranguchavadi and AVR roundana junction for Rs.111.40 Crore in salem city.

6. Construction of flyover in Thiruvagoundanur Junction for Rs.26.77 Crore in salem city.

7. Construction of Flyover at the Junction of Km.32/4 of GST road and Vandalur-Mambakkam-Kelambakkam road at a cost of Rs.60 Crore.

The Land acquisitions for the following 5 works are in progress.

1. Flyover along Athupalam and Ukkadam Junction uptoOppanakara Street in Coimbatore City for Rs. 88.61 Crore.

2. Flyover at Goripalayam junction in Madurai city for Rs. 164.28 Crore.

3. Elevated Corridor from Periyar Bus stand to Sethupathi High School, Meenakshi Mission Hospital junction in Madurai City for Rs.38 Crore.

4. Western Ring Road to Coimbatore City for Rs.320 Crore.

5. Widening and ground level improvement of Dindigul-Bangalore Road (NH-209), Pollachi-Palaghat Road (State Highways-78A), Municipal Bus Route Road (Other District Roads) and New Scheme Road (Pollachi Municipal Road) in Pollachi Town for Rs.33.57 Crore.


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Last Updated: 20-09-2019
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