Availability of adequate and quality infrastructure is a prerequisite for rapid industrial development, which in turn leads to creation of gainful employment for the people. Increasing accessibility and connectivity within and among rural areas is an important prerequisite for rural development. Tamil Nadu is served by an extensive road network in terms of its spread and quality, providing links between urban centers, agricultural market-places and rural habitations in the countryside.
The State has 62017 Km of roads which are maintained by Highways Department. This is nearly 2.5 times higher than the density of all-India road network. 
Tamil Nadu State in India has an extensive road network system. The details are given below:
Table - 1
Year Total length (KM)
1951 32,300
2013 62,017

Classification Length in KMs
National Highways 4,974
State Highways 10,764
Major District Roads 11,247
Other District Roads & Sugarcane Roads 35,032
Total 62,017

Width wise details of Government Roads
Sl. No. Category wise Single Lane Intermediate Lane Double Lane Multi Lane Total
1. National Highways 13 34 2785 2142 4974
2. State Highways 32 289 9354 1089 10764
3. Major District Roads 1698 6263 3128 158 11247
4. Other District Roads 31285 2837 862 48 35032
Total 33028 9423 16129 3437 62017
Percentage 53 15 26 6 100
To serve our customers, the road users of Tamil Nadu by providing High Quality, Cost Effective, Environment - Friendly Road Network that is Reliable and Safe, contributing to Sustainable Economic Development and Social Well-being of the State, by applying Innovation, Best Practices, appropriate Technology and responsible Management of Internal and External Resources.