Government of Tamil Nadu has the unique distinction of creating a separate Highways Department as early as in 1946 exclusively to attend to roads and bridges in the State. Tamil Nadu was the forerunner in bringing out standard specifications for the roads and bridges in the year 1954. The objectives of the department are to maintain and improve the roads under the control of the Government, and to provide all weather road connectivity to rural habitations. A new post of Secretary to Government, Highways Department came into being in 1996. Minor Ports were later brought under the purview of this Department. Subsequently, this Department was renamed as Highways and Minor Ports Department.


The vision of the Highways Department is to increase the capacity, connectivity, efficiency and safety of the Highways System so as to enable balanced socio-economic development of all sections of the people and all regions of the state.

Latest events and SOR 2016-17

Promotion of Certain Assistant Divisional Engineers as Divisional Engineers and Transfer and Posting of Certain Divisional Engineers- orders New

Recruitment of Junior Draughting Officer (JDO) - List of applicants as per interview date

The interview for the recruitment of Junior Draughting Officer (JDO) is to be held from 18.01.2016 to 05.02.2016.Click on the date to find the name in the list.

Recruitment of Junior Draughting Officer (JDO) - List of rejected Applicants

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